We strive to constantly improve our knowledge base. Theatrical combat is an evolving amalgamation of numerous disciplines and thus requires constant study to remain relevant. We will use each gig as an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of a particular fighting style and/or time period, and we will strive to treat the down time between gigs no differently.


To truly take ones craft to the next level requires more than studying the techniques of the past. One could spend several lifetimes trying to learn the ins and outs of the world’s fighting arts and their possible applications to theatrical combat. Even within a simple disciple there may be dozens of variations all claiming to be ‘the one’. For this reason, our mission is not merely to be a custodian of the past, but to be innovators of the future. We strive to discover new and exciting ways to use knowledge, experience and research to enhance the impact of theatrical combat in productions of all shapes and sizes.


True innovation requires more that a single individual to implement. By tapping experts in related fields we can both vet our traditional knowledge base and discover new possibilities. Traditional safety protocols can be vetted and/or enhanced by collaborating with a medical professional. Noncontact impacts can be improved and/or expanded by working with an expert in sleight of hand. These are just a couple examples of how we strive to use the power of collaboration to help us reach our goals.


In the dramatic arts, most fights take place during scenes where passions are at their peak. As such, the execution of a fight scene (or lack thereof) can shape the way the entire production is perceived by the audience. By wielding the powers of the aforementioned knowledge, innovation and collaboration we can deliver our clients the most immersive, technically-sound, emotionally-impactful and cutting edge fights imaginable.


We care about our team, our clients, as well as our peers in the field.

Our team members will be chosen solely based on their merits and on the content of their character, and will always be treated with kindness and respect. We will strive to always be mindful of their safety both on and off the set.

Our clients will always receive our ‘A game’ regardless of the size and scope of their project. We will strive to be open to all creative input and will only hold fast to elements of safety, historical accuracy (when applicable) and sequence composition.

The fight world can be a competitive and often ego-driven environment where many a fight coordinator claims to be the only true voice in the business. This is only made worse by the surge of objectively fraudulent voices in our field. We will strive to treat our peers with kindness and respect and to let go of the trap of personal ego. We will strive to keep our minds open to new ideas, let our work do the talking and only speak out on clear issues of safety. Through this we will endeavor to extend the spirit of collaboration to the fight community at large.

Ours will be a pragmatic voice that strives to combine vetted tradition with modern innovations in hopes  that we may one day leave the fight world in a little better shape than we found it.